Month: January 2012

Alex Taylor talks to John Dalli about consumer issues in Europe

What happens if we fall ill in Europe? Do we have the right to go to the country next door if the doctors are better or if the medicines are cheaper? What about our food? Are some Europeans eating genetically modified meals whereas others are not? What does the EU do for us as consumers in our everyday lives? Answering your questions in the European Parliament in Brussels is John Dalli the Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

Alex Taylor talks to Magdi Cristiano Allam on Islam and democracy

What is happening with the Arab Spring? Those of you who followed with joy as the events unfolded on Facebook in Tunisia who clicked ‘like’ on comments over election results and who left comments delighting in the fall of Gaddafi in Libya are you also positive about a new tolerance towards polygamy and Sharia law?. Is it compatible with the values of the European Union? Your questions today to one of the most renowned journalists in Italy, who is now a Member of the European Parliament and Founder of the ‘I Love Italy’ party, Magdi Cristiano Allam.

Alex Taylor talks to Composer Goran Bregovitch: Music is a language

Alex Taylor talks to composer Goran Bregovitch

While we may be having some problems at the moment, uniting the continent through economics and politics, music has the unique ability to cross borders.
In this edition of I talk, we speak with European maestro Goran Bregovitch. A musician from the former Yugoslavia, he is at home with all styles of music, from classical to electronic. He composes scores for films and even penned a song for Serbia’s Eurovision entry in 2010.

Alex Taylor talks with Danuta Hübner with video

Alex Taylor talks to Danuta Hübner MEP Chairwoman on the Committee on Regional Development.

One of Europe’s problems is that it’s simply too big. People find it hard to identify with huge multi-national institutions, and in some of the more federally-minded countries there’s not even a very strong sense of national identity either.