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Brexit: Not Quite the Revolution Britain Was Looking For

Despite France being my home for several years, my English heritage and interest in Europe overall has meant that Brexit is something that has been on my radar for some time.

There are many who are both for and against the movement, but some of the problems pointed out in relation to Britain’s departure from the European Union are only surface level when compared to some of the other issues Brexit has raised.

British Press Embellish Brexit For Views

It could be easily argued that the French press can be less than exciting at times, but it does offer a balanced view of current affairs when compared to the headlines printed by British Media.

Exuberant claims have also been made to highlight Brexit as worthwhile move, before the backtracking on these claims. The most famous example of this would be the use of a base carrying a message that money being sent to the European Union will instead be used towards the NHS.

This meant that the British population could assume that the EU is taking away funds necessary for healthcare, therefore making voting to leave a viable option. However, the statement was then later retracted, which highlights another issue as to why Brexit has been so problematic.

Anyone that has followed Brexit from its initial announcement will know how confusing and contradicting some of the progress made has been, which has led many to become confused as to what Brexit is.

In layman’s terms, the departure essentially means cutting away from the support the EU offers and becoming independent, but the discussion of trade deals and delays means that the meaning of Brexit has become muddied over time, and it’s only recently that progress has been made.

Has a more balanced and consistent view of Brexit and what it entails been offered by the British press, then a better understanding would have been in place when people made their vote.

Despite many British newspapers stating that they only deal with hard facts, this doesn’t mean that the source of the information is always the most reliable.

Brexit Disregards the Views of Its Countryman

The freedom that France offers in the 1980s was one of the reasons why I have chosen it as my home, but many will know that my roots started in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

As such, the concept of Brexit is something that was of great interest and I was keen to have my vote. Unfortunately, having enjoyed what France has had to offer for so many years, I now find myself in a position where I don’t even have a say in what steps the country takes, another reason why the Brexit situation can be seen as something of an enigma to the masses.

There’s no real way of knowing what the true outcome of Brexit will be in the long term. Trade deals are constantly being discussed and changed, as well as a surge of uncertainty which had the potential to affect global businesses and the way they operate.

This isn’t to say that Britain will come to a grinding halt, and there is the potential for it to prosper, but the process used to promote the idea of Brexit has meant that any future changes planned made by British Government could be met with a lot of scepticism.


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Alex Taylor talks to composer Goran Bregovitch

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